Light is a beautiful artistic tool. It is softer, more organic and for me much easier to control than a pencil or a tube of paint. I see my job (and light) as a part of a story or a picture that is to be presented. I am a technician communicating between a creative crew and the light sources in use. I take pride in setting up beautiful light – in the fastest and most economical way possible.

Art, stories, moods and people are my interest, the craft of illuminating imagined worlds – my job.


Jacob Ballinger (born ’74) has been working in the industry since the age of 20. Whilst persuing his interest in developing lights, rigs and fixtures he paused as an electrician and went to the national film school in Vienna to deepen his knowlege in the medium film. Back in the field of his choice he has been working as a gaffer ever since. Specializing on large scale feature films and commercials his international career has taken him all over the world.